Meet the Staff


Helen Loukopoulos

After many years of teaching for Socrates I have enjoyed working with the many children and families that I have come across. My passion has always been to promote the Greek language and culture, to not only my own children, but to other children of immigrant families in Vancouver. After completing high school in Athens, I decided to pursue a diploma from DIDACTA technical school in Athens. After I got married, my life led me to immigrating to Canada in 1976, and it is here that I decided I was interested in working with children, and maintaining my Greek heritage.
I started working for Socrates in 1989. I have gained a tremendous amount of work experience while working directly with children and families. I have also taught at Aristotle Greek School in Vancouver for several years. I have spent countless hours creating a curriculum for all grade levels, which was approved by Mr. Papanikolaou in 2000, the Greek representative that was responsible for Greek Language Schools in Canada. I have attended many workshops that were put on by Heritage Language Association of B.C. in Vancouver, an organization that promotes cultural identity and language. I appreciate all the hard work and time parents have put into maintaining this important Parent Association School for our current and future students.




Sophia Roumeliotis

I am excited to work with your children this year, and look forward to continue learning how to best support your children with learning the Greek language. I have included a little bit about myself, my work experience, and my future goals.  I graduated from SFU in 2001 with a Bachelor degree in Human Geography and a Certificate in Urban Studies. After graduating from SFU, I worked as a Front Desk Receptionist and Regional Administrative Assistant for Manulife Financial. I also worked as a Underwriter Assistant for ING Insurance for one year. I later decided to pursue my education and become an Information Records Specialist working for an engineering company called Fluor Canada. I really enjoyed working for Fluor for three years; however, my life took a turn in 2008, when I became a mother of twins. Due to my dedication to my children, I decided to resign from my position to become a full-time mother.
Throughout the years, I have worked part time for Socrates as a substitute teacher in Surrey and Vancouver. Having young children of my own, and being around many family members that are teachers including my husband, has given me a basic understanding of how to communicate positively with children and care for them. Learning a secondary language has always been important to me and teaching for Socrates has given me the opportunity to help children understand the Greek language and culture. As a former graduate of Socrates Greek School, I have learned the importance of maintaining the cultural connection.  It is this connection that brings to life stories and traditions that will allow children to carry with them for life.  My future goals are to continue working with children and families and promote the Greek language and heritage, while working for a school that I believe has always supported our Greek identity.